We kickstarted our first pilot program in West Jakarta, Indonesia in March 2020 with an initial batch of 90 reusable packaging items.

We sell and deliver detergent, dish soap, and shampoo in our reusable bottles at two local warungs in Jakarta. Customers buy the products & return the empty bottles to the warungs. We then collect the empty bottles, clean and refill them before selling it back to the warungs.

During the pilot, we have designed and co-created a system solution that consumers and all involved stakeholders perceive as desirable and matches their needs.


Commercially Viable

Sales started at 2 sales points in March 2020. By November 2020, we started in 10 sales points. Sales quickly went to around 20 products per sales point per week, saving around 4000 sachets per month.

Operational Feasibility

With a high empty bottles return rate, we learned that the circular system is operationally feasible

Immediate Impact

Over eight months, our pilots at six sales points (two warungs and four waste banks) have saved more than 10,000 sachets from the environment. By scaling the system to at least 1000 sales points, we can avoid 4 million sachets per year!