Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to consumers who buy Koinpack products at Koinpack resellers. The complete list of Koinpack resellers can be seen on this website page. By purchasing Koinpack products at Koinpack partners, consumers knowingly agree to the contents of the terms and conditions below:

1. How to get cashback
To be able to get cashback, consumers must return the Koinpack packaging to the Koinpack reseller where the consumer bought the product.

2. Form of cashback
The consumer will get cashback in the form of a discount for the second purchase and so on, as long as the consumer continues to return the Koinpack packaging, with the amount according to the cashback value stated on the back label of the Koinpack packaging.

3. Return of packaging
Return of packaging can only be done to the same Koinpack reseller when purchasing the product.

These terms and conditions can be changed or updated at any time without prior notification.
Changes to the terms and conditions will take effect immediately after being posted on the site www.koinpack.id.