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Koinpack is a returnable and reusable packaging system provider based on a deposit and reward model. Koinpack thinks beyond recycling and aims to shift the current linear business model into a circular model.


We provide affordable zero waste products for end consumers and enable FMCG companies to sell their products zero waste.


Koinpack Returnable Bottle Reuse.png

We are partnering with ALPLA, a world leader in the development and production of plastic packaging solutions, in developing our reusable packaging. 

Our reusable packaging is​

  • Compatible with current in-market home and personal care products (providing proper dosage control and freshness)

  • Compatible with high frequency stores in Indonesia (affordable and not require a large storage area)

  • Shelf life 24 months and is able to perform when stores at 40C and 90% RH.

  • Easy to be cleaned, sanitized and refilled.

  • Traceable to design out counterfeiting and contamination and ensure a high reuse rate.

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